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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Best clock puzzle in years!

As a child, I recall my sibling having an old version of this puzzle which was not very user-friendly (being difficult to turn, hard to push the puns through, not the best to look at...)

This puzzle brings a whole new life to the clock!

The puzzle is very attractive and looks nice even to have on display.
The cogs turn really nicely, with the pins slotting very well. It's a pleasure to play with.

It's clear that QiYi has put a lot of work has gone in to this puzzle in order to get it right.

As ever, Kewbz UK provided excellent customer service and packaged this really well, with a really fast delivery.


It’s a nice puzzle and very easy to handle, rotating softly. Good work.

Perfect puzzle

This puzzle is sick out of the box. Best clock ever! Highly recommended!

Early review

I got a request to review this from Kewbz but that's not so easy since it hasn't been delivered yet. It seems that they probably just send out the review requests a week after ordering. I think I'd better check that the puzzle has actually been despatched... I may come back to the review when I can say something about the clock puzzle...

QiYi Clock - well worth the wait!

QiYi teased the release of this puzzle for over a year and so you may ask, was it worth the wait?
I can say with absolute certainty that YES is the answer to that question!!
Out of the box the dials of this magic clock turn incredibly well with no adjustment required. The pins are very light and provide a very satisfying click when pushed and held in place by the magnets.
The one single slight criticism is that the pins are perhaps too light and could be caught accidentally mid-solve but I haven’t personally encountered this.
I wouldn’t consider myself a Magic Clock aficionado but I do have a Shengshou Clock and the QiYi Clock is worlds ahead of that in comparison.
At full price, the QiYi Clock is 3 times the price of the Shengshou but I can honestly say that it’s easily worth the extra and so currently on offer at £23.50, it’s an absolute bargain!
If you’re just starting out or you’re a more experienced Clock solver, the QiYi Clock just has to be tried, trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed!

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