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Customer Reviews

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This thing is a chick magnet

I was nothing other than a simple normie who could solve a 3x3 before. Following purchase I achieved a state of such greatness that all girls over 12 that scared me before now approach me on the tube, park, chip shops you name it. They always enquire about this legendary piece and marvel at my ability to hold it with pride despite my lack of ability to solve it. It also helps with social distancing for example I stopped leaving my house. I spend most of my day before the little temple I built that enshrines this majestic beast. Soon I will be opening a business venture that at will allow others to visit for a small price. This has really turned my life around. Thank you kewbz for introducing me to this model. Now please excuse me I must retire myself back to my prayers to this 1x1.


For centuries I had been building up my courage to try this. Years of 3x3 training led me down to the one puzzle I had not solved... this one. I scrambled it fairly easily with the help of YouTube but after hours of scrambling and checking if it was scrambled enough, I finally realized I had to solve it. I searched up a tutorial but all of them had people giving up. I tried a few algorithms but they just scrambled it even more. eventually I used an alg from the truncated rhinomegaexaflaregettaflisesaminx to get closer but, I messed it up. In order to develop a method I had to retire. Now I am homeless but cannot figure how to solve this.

This 1x1 really does separate the boys from the men.


For years I've been building up the courage to try one of these ... since the dawn of cubing its been part of my wildest ambitions and has haunted my worst nightmares. After all of that I finally decided to quit my job and sell all my earthly belongings to order one and dedicate myself to it full time, and immediately I regretted being born.

I used the NathanWilson scrambling method from youtube after watching his video a few times to make sure I scrambled it fully, and then I was faced with having to solve this thing ... my pre-solve inspection didn't give me any ideas at all and when I started turning it didn't help either. It seems that on this puzzle all of the layers turn at the same time? So I've really struggled with working out how to undo the damage my scramble has done.

My 3x3 algs weren't working, 2x2 didn't work, big cube OLL parity didn't work, Roux didn't work (no middle layer), even Winter variation couldn't save me here. I did make some progress using an alg from the Void Truncated Icosidodecahedron but this didn't last long and I ended up precisely where I started.

I tried reversing the scramble directly by reversing the motion of dropping the cube onto my table but unfortunately the laws of physics had something to say about that and I couldn't do it.

I think I will migrate to the Himalayas and find a cave so I can hibernate in deep insightful meditation to try and figure out a new alg set for this thing. If not for me, then for all the other poor souls who have inherited this puzzle.

Fear not my brothers ... one day we shall be free of this curse!