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Customer Reviews

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Great magnetic 2x2

I've only used non-magnetic 2x2 before so nothing to compare within its range but quite happy to buy this one as feeling is significantly better (compared to Meilong 2x2 non-magn.). Within that price range, I woud recommend it.

Awesome cube

The qiyi ms 2x2 is a great cube it turns really fast and came lubed. The forward corner cutting is 45degrees and the backward corner-cutting is half a piece. It’s got a nice springy feel to it and it’s a great cube.

Nice 2x2

The QiYi MS 2x2 felt a little stiff at first, but after a few solves it loosened up, and I have got a new PB and my averages have come down.

Best 2x2 EVER

I got this 2x2 from a friend and it is amazing! It's so worth the price, it feels like a GAN cube and has a nice controllable, stable feel whilst still being absolutely speedy! Have broken many pb's with this including a 0.81 second solve. It's a must buy!!!

Very high quality

The QiYi MS 2x2 is a great budget 2x2 for beginners and speedsolving. The cornercutting is 45º and reverse is half a piece. It's quite low pitched and a bit quiet, but not silent. When I was solving it, I had to twist a piece (for some reason) and it made the core a bit wonky so I took a piece out. The core is like a maze. One of the core parts had to come out and it's quite difficult to put it back in. However, it's probably just my fault.
The turning is quite smooth and the cube came lubed (on the outside??!!) and the inside was dry. But it wasn't dry to the point of being a desert, it is still nice and smooth.
Overall, this cube is probably the BEST 2x2 there is that is a very good price.
The packaging is a bit excessive though. "Plastic wrap, plastic box, plastic wrap around the plastic cube"- Cubeorithms.
Thanks Kewbzuk

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